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After some controversy, Justin Sun decides to give away 2 Teslas

www.chepicap.com 30 March 2019 06:00, UTC
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In an update to the events that have been unfolding surrounding Justin Sun's now infamous Tesla giveaway, it seems Sun wants to appease everyone involved by simply giving a Tesla to both the original and second winners picked in this fiasco.

To bring awareness to the blockchain community, keep fostering transparency, reliability & openness in our values, I decided to offer two Tesla! Congratulations @uzgaroth & @LeoHuynhPro thanks for believing in our mission. More info in my statement https://t.co/mECuxQMq0d pic.twitter.com/H9eBLAqNoO

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 29, 2019

Sun released a similar statement on the Tron Foundation blog. This comes as hopefully a close to the promotion that saw the original winner getting openly upset when his prize was denied due to confusion over the selection method. A second round was held with a new winner chosen. The first winner, @uzgaroth, responded as such:

I thank all those who support me, this type of scam must end in the #crypto community, it is unfortunate that @justinsuntron acts in a seemingly dishonest act, we will continue to fight until we get to keep his original promise.@Tronfoundation #TRX #tron #bitcoin #XRPcommunity pic.twitter.com/O87rK2HFNR

— XRP_UzGar ⛓-฿ TRX (@uzgaroth) March 29, 2019

After some community backlash, especially when @uzgaroth claimed he had intended to give the car to his son, Justin decided he would give a Tesla to both winners, with the hopes of appeasing the community.

Hi @uzgaroth just wanted to let you know you will be receiving a Tesla! This contest is all about celebrating the expansion of TRON and newly launched stablecoin USDT-TRON, but moreover, bringing awareness to the whole blockchain industry. I hope your son will enjoy the new car!

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 29, 2019

This seems to have made @uzgaroth happy:

Thank you, you're doing the right !

— XRP_UzGar ⛓-฿ TRX (@uzgaroth) March 29, 2019

Some however were more jaded:

Yea he's not doing the right thing. He's preventing a wave of hate and that is incentivizing him to make his move. Justin sun is disgusting

— Joe Saz (@Joe_Saz) March 29, 2019

And of course, some were elated beyond any sense of logic:

Now all the people who were calling Justin Sun 🌞 a scammer and TRON a fraud will have to excuse him or her self ! To master Justin !!! Bravo 👏!!! Justin Sun 🌞 2 DA MOON ! pic.twitter.com/dlaGLLLesY

— Eric (@2ez28u) March 29, 2019

Ultimately, this will probably put this chapter behind us. As long as Sun makes good on the cars, there really isn't anything left to say.

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