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NFT Program Headlined by “Aku” Creator, Created By Payments giant Visa

bitcoinworld.co.in 15 October 2021 02:40, UTC
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NFT program that assists content creators make and sell non-fungible tokens is on. More so, the Payments giant Visa has announces creating this program.

Furthermore, Visa will select a group of creators, then sponsor that group, and provide consulting services to them.

Additionally, It will build collaborations between those NFT creators and its own network of payment partners. More so, Visa’s Head of Crypto, Cuy Sheffield, notes hat the firm will assist participants. Elaborately, help them to “navigate both crypto and traditional payment infrastructure.”

Meanwhile, Visa will team up with former MLB player Micah Johnson, the Aku NFT series creator, to run the program. Notably, The series records $2 million tokens sales in a 28-hour auction. Which of course, with Its main character, a young Black astronaut. Also, Having an oversized space helmet and then optioned for film and TV in April.

Johnson goes ahead to say,
“NFTs unlocked an opportunity for me to build a community of people…”
“interested in supporting my work — in a way that goes…”
“way beyond simply liking or sharing.”

Other NFT Moves

Recently, Visa buys a CryptoPunks NFT for its own collection of financial artifacts with $150,000. Furthermore, This announcement shows that Visa will deploy new services.

Lastly, The news is coming on the heels of crypto exchange Coinbase announcing it will create a marketplace.

Notably, Other companies like the Ripple and TikTok have also rolls out their own NFT plans.

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