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Gnosis Safe Gets Blocked By Apple App Store Over NFTs - TheNewsCrypto

thenewscrypto.com 15 September 2021 19:50, UTC
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  • Epic Games sued Apple in August 2020
  • Apple charges a flat 30% fee on in-app sales
  • Blocking External Payments Unconstitutional As Per Court

It seems that Apple has deleted the ETH Gnosis Wallet because of NFT exposure from its app store. Other wallets have reported problems after being featured on Apple’s App Store, requiring Gnosis to withdraw NFT capabilities approved by the Apple App Store.

Every year, Apple holds an event to introduce new iPads and iPhones, but the fight over what users may put on their gadgets rages on. According to Lukas Schor, product development head, Apple is preventing the release of Gnosis Safe’s ETH wallet. Users may also see other digital assets like NFT to assist manage their funds.

NFTs are mainly Ethereum-based tokens that represent a certificate for a particular virtual or real item. Because NFTs are tokens, they are progressively being added to wallets so users can view the collections and art.

Apple presently bans the integration of non-firm payment rails in applications listed in its store. Apple charges a flat 30% fee on in-app sales of digital products and services, whereas Gnosis does not sell NFTs.

Blocking External Payments Unconstitutional As Per Court

Apple is having issues with Gnosis’ use of NFTs. Therefore it has removed the Gnosis ETH Wallet from its app store. Schor even asked whether the new software could store NFTs when he said that the old app could already use the newest update, connecting Gnosis’ hardware wallets.

Gnosis replied that users may store their own NFTs in the app. So you can buy NFT through an app on your phone but not store it anyplace else. There is no response from Apple, but the allegation haunts the tech giant renowned for tightening platform controls to restrict competition.

Blocking external payment methods on smartphones was declared unconstitutional by a court last week. This isn’t the first issue crypto wallets have had with Apple. Epic Games sued Apple in August 2020, citing the company’s in-app payment practices.

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