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ENVOY Set to Launch New Featured NFT Collection from Dimitri Vegas and Michael Uslan

coinpedia.org 09 September 2021 12:40, UTC
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The NFT boom is showing continued signs of mainstream adoption following the latest featured drop on NFT collectibles platform ENVOY, in collaboration with chart-topping DJ/actor Dimitri Vegas and Batman producer Michael Uslan.

The project, titled “Alien Samourai Dino Warriors,” is based on an upcoming graphic novel series of the same name and is the latest collection to launch on ENVOY, a platform for community-driven, collectible NFT projects.

It follows the Network’s launch of “Decentraboard” in August, marking the first-ever NFT curated billboard to display artwork in the most iconic and unique locations around the world, including New York’s Times Square.

Strategic NFT Partnership

The collaboration between the creators of Dino Warriors and ENVOY marks the start of a strategic NFT partnership to target the mainstream.

This is also leveraging ENVOY’s extensive network of strategists, influencers, and technologists to bring the exclusive new NFT collection to life. 

The ENVOY team works alongside projects to create NFT collections that live on the blockchain and in the real world.

Launching in up to five different tiers – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Community with carious collectibility.

These collectibility tap into the fanbase of artists, musicians, entertainment franchises, and other brands, offering exclusive content and unique benefits.

The Dino Warriors NFT collection includes 3D animated statues of the five major Dino Warriors characters, plus trading cards in various styles.

This was done by utilizing the ENVOY tiers that offer different levels of rarity and affordability.

Commenting on the Dino Warriors collaboration, ENVOY Network CEO Bram Verstraeten said: “Working with talented creators like Dimitri Vegas and the legendary Uslans gave us the ability to create an unique and innovative NFT collection that is unprecedented and will definitely set the benchmark for our upcoming projects. 

“NFTs are a perfect tool to give creators the opportunity to have a connection to the people who support and collect their art.”

All-Star Team

Alien Samurai Dino Warriors combines the NFT networking expertise of ENVOY. This includes an all-star cast, experienced creators who have been bringing some of the most popular TV shows, comics, and video games to life.

Others joining Dimitri Vegas and Michael Uslan on the project include Michael’s son, David, an expert in the animation and graphic novel field, as well as cartoonist Erik Burnham and Marvel Comics editor Heather Antos. 

Burnham is known for the graphic novel versions of Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, A-Team, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Antos, meanwhile, helped launch Marvel’s Star Wars line, created the Gwenpool character, and currently edits Star Wars Adventures.

Discussing the team’s project and partnership with ENVOY, Dimitri Vegas said: “Dino Warriors is very special to me and is inspired from my love and passion for ‘80s comics and cartoons. Translating this into an NFT-fueled powerhouse with the groundbreaking ENVOY Network has been very exciting.”

What’s Next?

The Dino Warriors NFT collection is set to launch this month. To access the release, fans need to pre-register at the drop site ro connecr over Discord and Telegram channels.

This is just the beginning for Dino Warriors NFTs according to Vegas, with the comic series release featuring the unique characters expected in 2022.

ENVOY also has big plans for the future, starting with the ENVOY Vault and rewards program, allowing ENVOY crypto token holders to farm “Pearls” in order to unlock Vaults containing rare and exclusive community tier NFTs, plus real-life perks based on users’ activity in the community.

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