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Ripple Clients Nium and Fidor Bank Partner with Visa and PayDo App to Set Up Better Payment Systems

u.today 19 July 2021 16:20, UTC
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A recently published press-release says that online banking app PayDo has revealed its partnership with one of the top German banks – Fidor Bank, a customer of Ripple Labs.

Meanwhile, Ripple-friendly Nium global B2B payments company has set up a new B2B payment solution in Hong Kong together with Visa and Fuiou Pay.

Fidor Bank and PayDo set up a collaboration

Major German bank Fidor that works with Ripple has teamed up with the global online banking company PayDo. Together they plan to set up a better payment infrastructure and do their best to attract clients in Europe and all over the world to start using online payments.

The collaboration of these companies will help current payment providers in Europe, such as SEPA, Target2 and SWIFT, to offer payments of better quality and higher speed for individuals and corporations both using conventional bank cards and alternative tools for making payments.

PayDo provides payments in more than 170 countries, using almost 400 payments systems: e-wallets, cash, bank transfers, terminals, etc, for clients in the UK and internationally as well.

Ripple-friendly Nium joins forces with Visa and Fuiou Pay

According to another press-release, Ripple client Nium has teamed up with Visa payments giant and Fuiou Pay to create d B2B global payment tool in Hong Kong and launch it.

The press-release calls this project a breakthrough for Fuiou since the time this payments provider started collaborating with Visa in China working on B2B payments.

These three companies together intend to improve the system of commercial payments and user experience of them in Greater China. So now then utilize tools for commercial payments provided by Visa, Nium’s support for issuing cards and tech support from Fuiou.

They have managed to create a safe, cheap and fast payment instrument for enterprise users in China.

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