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Binance Will Delist COVER on 2021-09-24

www.binance.com 17 September 2021 08:54, UTC
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Fellow Binancians,
At Binance, we periodically review each digital asset we list to ensure that it continues to meet the high level of standard we expect. When a coin or token no longer meets this standard, or the industry changes, we conduct a more in-depth review and potentially delist it. We believe this best protects all our users.
When we conduct these reviews, we consider a variety of factors. Here are some that drive whether we decide to delist a digital asset:
  • Commitment of team to project
  • Level and quality of development activity
  • Trading volume and liquidity
  • Stability and safety of network from attacks
  • Network / smart contract stability
  • Level of public communication
  • Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence requests
  • Evidence of unethical/fraudulent conduct or negligence
  • Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem
Based on our most recent reviews, we will delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for the following token from 2021-09-24 08:00 (UTC):
  • COVER Protocol (COVER)
Please note:
  • Binance will remove the following trading pairs: COVER/ETH and COVER/BUSD.
  • At 2021-09-22 08:00 (UTC), Binance will conduct an automatic settlement and cancel all pending orders, and then delist the COVER/BUSD isolated margin trading pair.
  • All trade orders will be automatically removed after trading ceases in each respective trading pair.
  • To view your assets after trading ceases, please ensure you have not selected “Hide small assets” in your Funds page.
  • Withdrawals of COVER from Binance will continue to be supported until 2021-12-24 at 08:00 (UTC).
  • Deposits of COVER after 2021-12-24 08:00 (UTC) will not be credited to your account.
  • The COVER team announced on 2021-09-05 the shutdown of the RULER & COVER Protocol project. Binance has actively reached out to the COVER team for more information and will share any relevant updates in a separate announcement.
  • Please only refer to official statements from Binance regarding any activity involving COVER or other third parties.
For further information, please refer to the following:
  • Structure and Personnel Changes
  • Project Shutdown: Cover & Ruler
We thank you for your support as we continue to advocate for transparency and long-term, sustainable growth of the wider industry.
Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.

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