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Coinbase has decided to give $ 25,000 worth of ‘COIN‘ stocks to each of 1,700 employees

ccnews24.net 14 April 2021 12:59, UTC
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  • Prior to Coinbase’s listing on Nasdaq today, the company decided to give 100 Shares each to 1,700 employees.
Coinbase is a great example of an advanced company that realizes that without employees it would not have achieved such success, so the company decided to thank everyone in a truly magnificent way.

According to a Coinbase spokesperson, the company decided to donate 100 shares to each of 1,700 employees as a token of gratitude and celebration of the success of being listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

Coinbase will start trading on the Nasdaq today with a set reference price for COIN shares of $ 250, which means that each employee has a gift worth $ 25,000.

According to the published information, this is a no-strings-attached grant and therefore it will be up to each employee how he will handle these shares and whether they will decide to sell them immediately after the official start of trading.

Coinbase is valued at $ 66.5 billion before the start of trading and based on a set reference price.

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