Skrill Revolutionizes Digital Payments, Launches a Game Changer

cryptoknowmics.com February 24 2021 10:31, UTC
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Skrill, a digital payments provider which is also a part of Paysafe, has recently launched fiat-to-crypto currency withdrawal services as a part of digital payments. This brand new feature will enable the users to withdraw and transfer funds directly to the preferred crypto address.

Skrill to Allow Fiat-to-Crypto Currency Withdrawals

Skrill users are provided with the option of selecting either an Ethereum wallet destination or a Bitcoin address after keying in the needed balance amount. The digital payments provider is planning to add other cryptocurrencies for withdrawals soon. 

As of now, the new feature is made available within the European Economic Area (EEA), however, the United Kingdom will be included in the list soon. Since its launch in 2018, Skrill has managed to grow constantly in popularity.

The service it provides allows its customers to convert about 40 fiat currencies including US dollar, British Pound, and Euro into crypto options. Various crypto options include ETH Classic, BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Kyber, Litecoin, Ox, XLM, Tezos, and Ethereum.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, the Chief Executive Officer of Skrill, NETELLER, and Income Access at Paysafe said:

“More people than ever are buying cryptocurrency as a long-term investment, particularly in light of recent institutional backing from the likes of Tesla, which has driven Bitcoin to fresh all-time highs.”

He added to his statement saying:

“Our customers have been enjoying the ability to interact with both fiat currencies and digital assets through Skrill for some time. Expanding a crypto portfolio is incredibly simple with Skrill, thanks to our fiat on-ramp.”

Explaining more about the brand new withdrawal feature, he continued:

“The new withdrawal feature further enhances our service by enabling users to quickly and conveniently move their existing fiat balance to a crypto address of their choosing, saving them both time and money on fees.”

How to Access the New Feature of the Digital Payments Provider

The digital payments provider revealed that the user can access this feature by going through the withdrawal funds options in their account and selects ‘Crypto Wallet.’ 

The user is then supposed to enter the balance amount and the address of the wallet of either a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet.

Also, Luckbox, the esports betting platform recently made an announcement regarding the rollout of Skrill with a target to offer brands new payment options in about 100 countries.


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