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Walmart is looking for a product lead in digital money and cryptocurrency. - Bitcoin World

bitcoinworld.co.in 16 August 2021 11:30, UTC
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Walmart recently advertised a position for a ‘Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Product Lead’ on their employment website. Therefore, Walmart looks to be going into the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. 

Walmart is on the lookout for crypto experts.

Creating the overall vision for the product and its features and recognising technological and customer trends are required tasks. The fact that the lead will also be responsible for seeking crypto-related investments and collaborations is particularly notable. This may lead to partnerships with cryptocurrency firms, with many keen to take advantage of the opportunity.

Experimenting with crypto is not new for Walmart. The business said it was pursuing a patent for its cryptocurrency, but there have been minor developments since then.

Blockchain technology is here to stay.

In retrospect, Walmart’s entry into the industry was not so surprising. To stay up with innovation, many established firms are turning to digital currency projects. Faster and cheaper payments and greater accessibility make cryptocurrency applications ideal for both online and offline venues.

Earlier this year, there were rumours that Amazon might take cryptocurrency, which the e-commerce behemoth firmly rejected. However, if Amazon decides to accept bitcoin payments, it will be a watershed moment for the sector. Unlike Walmart, Amazon is searching for over 70 blockchain-related jobs, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the project.

Rakuten, dubbed the “Japanese Amazon,” has begun taking cryptocurrency payments. The crypto community and the Japanese public applauded the decision. In addition, the firm has created its cryptocurrency exchange.

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