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Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Bitcoin Is the Best Store of Value but Likes Ethereum More – Here’s Why

dailyhodl.com 18 October 2021 11:30, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Shark Tank star and billionaire Mark Cuban believes Bitcoin is the best store of value in the market but says he likes Ethereum more.

Cuban tells his 8.5 million followers in a tweetstorm that Bitcoin’s (BTC) biggest advantage is that it has “zero competition” as a store of value (SOV).


“BTC is what it is. The best SOV on the market… [In my opinion], it’s not a cure for any financial system. It’s not a hedge to anything. Its utility will be driven more by lightning [network] than anything, and its value will be driven by supply and demand. Nothing wrong with that. Gold folks do the EXACT same thing… [In my opinion], BTC has become like gold, an SOV that is now a religion.”

Although Cuban believes that Bitcoin is the top store-of-value asset in the market, he highlights that smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH) and layer-2 (L2) solutions have more utility than BTC. Layer-2 solutions are protocols built on top of blockchains like ETH to increase transactional throughput.

“I like Eth/L2s more, and there is no point arguing the trilemma, halving or inflation. I like it more because I can see an unlimited number of applications that will change the biz/consumer world forever. And to use them you need to buy Eth/L2. BTC doesn’t have that demand-pull.

So when I said bananas have more utility than BTC, but BTC was a better gold than gold, I meant it. The BTC play is not utility unless something unexpected happens with Lightning. Bananas vs ETH? ETH has more utility. Want more proof? Jjust look at the transaction fees for BTC.”

While Cuban is a big fan of smart contract platforms, he says that in the long run, investors might throw their capital into BTC. The billionaire believes that smart contract platforms are in a struggle to attract decentralized applications and users.

“All the smart contract chains, and really ALL the blockchains are in a DEATH war to win those applications. Many will lose.

That will also be a HUGE WIN for BTC. When multi-billion [dollar] blockchains become near inactive, a lot of people will see BTC and ETH as safe-havens, and the more conservative crypto play will be BTC. The SOV play will accelerate its value. It will be the safe haven of crypto.”


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