Microsoft Reveals New Ethereum-Based Project – Plus Stellar, XRP and Litecoin

dailyhodl.com 2019-08-04 15:00
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Microsoft has revealed a new artificial intelligence project leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. The company plans to decentralize AI by allowing people to easily access, share and run machine learning models using Ethereum.

“Leveraging blockchain technology allows us to do two things that are integral to the success of the framework: offer participants a level of trust and security and reliably execute an incentive-based system to encourage participants to contribute data that will help improve a model’s performance…

Additionally, blockchains such as Ethereum have thousands of decentralized machines all over the world, making it less likely a smart contract will become completely unavailable or taken offline.”


The team at Stellar is celebrating the decentralized protocol’s fifth anniversary.

To mark the occasion, the Stellar Development Foundation shared its first blog post from back on July 31, 2014, and thanked the community for its support.

“Starting from just an idea, the network now has over 3.4 million accounts and 2.5 million operations per day. It is now the platform for micropayments, remittances, cross-border payments and more. Thanks to the community for making Stellar great! The journey continues.”

XRP and Litecoin

The UK-based crypto exchange CEX.io is supporting new fiat onramps for both XRP and Litecoin. XRP is now paired with the British pound, and Litecoin is paired with both the British Pound and the euro.

The exchange also recently added both Tron and BitTorrent tokens paired with the US dollar, euro and Bitcoin.

New pairs will be listed on July 31st after 2 PM UK time!

LTC/EUR & LTC/GBP — more trading options for the #Litecoin market before its halving, expected August 5.

XRP/GBP — a new trading pair for the #Ripple market.

We wish you successful trading!https://t.co/8mv2Z1oK7E pic.twitter.com/qRgl3W7kVw

— CEX.IO (@cex_io) July 30, 2019