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Relite Finance Announces Listing of $RELI on PancakeSwap

coingape.com 14 June 2021 17:28, UTC
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Relite Finance, a cross-chain DeFi lending protocol, has announced that their native governance token $RELI was listed on Pancake Swap, a premier Binance Smart Chain (BSC) decentralized exchange platform. The announced RELI/BNB pool launch became possible due to BSC bridge implementation, recently completed by the Relite Finance team. This bridge for the BSC has become another significant milestone passed by Relite on the way to building a truly cutting-edge cross-chain lending protocol.

The trading began on Monday, June 14, with a RELI/BNB pair. This was made possible by deploying a smart contract to bridge on BSC, which was a long-anticipated milestone delivered by the Relite Finance team. 

The Pancake Swap listing is considered a great addition to the constantly growing list of supported DEX platforms for Relite Finance native token. Since the 17 May, when RELI completed the IDO became first available on Uniswap, the team behind the project announced their plans for being presented on a larger number of exchanges, both centralized and DEX, during the Q2 and Q3 2021. 

George Groshkov, the CEO for Relite Finance, has emphasized the importance of bridging RELI with BSC protocol and pledged Relite’s further plans on building partnerships with major exchange platforms. 

“The BSC bridge was an important step we had to take for growing the upcoming platform’s level of accessibility. As the DeFi space grows rapidly, we couldn’t ignore the Binance Smart Chain community, standing behind the number of promising  BSC-based projects. Now we are delighted to have BSC as a new protocol as another addition to our cross-chain functionality. The  Pancake Swap listing we are celebrating today is the latest, but not the last RELI listing announcement you’ll hear about soon!” 

About Relite Finance 

Relite Finance is a cross-chain DeFi money market protocol that enables users to lend, borrow, and stake all crypto assets in one interface by utilizing Polkadot’s Moonbeam Parachain, bridges, and a unique reserve fund module. Relite plans on creating interoperability with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains. In addition, Relite plans to implement collateralization of NFTs with better fees and usability than other protocols can offer. Follow Relite on Twitter and Telegram.

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