Ripple-Supporting Companies Launch Banking Apps in Switzerland and the Philippines

u.today May 04 2021 12:29, UTC
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Temenos and Swissquote have initiated collaborations to launch separate banking apps in Switzerland and the Philippines to local customers.

Temenos has integrated Ripple tech and Swissquote bank and trading platform has recently added XRP for trading.

Temenos cooperates with big Philippines commercial bank

PBCOM (Philippine Bank of Communications), which is among the biggest commercial banks in the Philippines, has partnered with Temenos to launch PBCOMobile app that will offer “digital-first” services and products to its clients.

The new digital banking app uses Temenos Transact banking SaaS (software-as-a-service). The bank offers deposits, as well as loans for individuals and businesses, cash management, investments and other services.

Temenos will help the bank to expand the mass market adoption of its products via mobile phone apps and attract new clients in the country cheaply.

Thanks to the Temenos software, PBCOM will also be able to launch an ecosystem of digital products and services for its customers.


Swissquote to launch banking app on May 11

Swissquote bank and an online trading platform located in Switzerland is launching a new digital banking app together with PostFinance (a subsidiary of Swiss Post that deals with financial services).

The collaboration of these companies was announced back in late fall last year. Now then plan to release a new mobile app Yuh next week – on May 11, according to the press-release published by Finance Magnates.

Both companies are well-established in the Swiss finance service industry and intend to offer fresh approaches to mobile banking in the country.

According to Swissquote, the new app will be a unique one in the sense that no other Swiss banking apps will be able to offer so many innovative features.

Besides, it will make banking for users easy and simple, will enable them to manage their funds and assets “as they wish”.

The CEO of the new app Yuh, Markus Schwab made a comment on the upcoming launch:

“Yuh will provide people with an app on their mobile phones that gives them the freedom to manage their money as they wish. And they’ll have partners in the background who they know and trust.”


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