Sorare: Zenit St Petersburg joins the fantasy football blockchain game

en.cryptonomist.ch 2020-10-16 12:50
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Today the Zenit St Petersburg team announced that it has signed a partnership with Sorare, a fantasy football blockchain company.

It’s essentially a blockchain-based game similar to fantasy football, and the players are digital collectables, better known as NFTs, i.e. non-fungible tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

By owning these digital collectables, users can compete by challenging other teams to see who wins. The teams are made up of 5 players and therefore 5 NFTs, while the rewards are in crypto.

Zenit St Petersburg is among the strongest teams in Russia, as it also won the Premier League in the 2019/2020 championship.  As part of this agreement, all players of the team will be available as NFTs on Sorare.

Zenit St Petersburg and the other teams on Sorare

The decision to add this team probably also comes from the fact that Russian users are among the first to play with Sorare: they are in third place in terms of number and second place in terms of time spent playing.

Previously other famous teams have also joined this fantasy football blockchain game. These include important names such as Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico de Madrid. 

Since its launch in March 2019, Sorare has seen an average monthly growth of 52% and now has 40,000 users worldwide.

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, explained: 

“We are delighted to have the Russian Premier League Zenit Saint Petersburg join Sorare today. We are proud to help Zenit shine even more all over the world through our game. This agreement is a key step in our vision to create a global fantasy football game with the top 20 leagues in the world”.

The President of Zenit Saint-Petersburg, he explained: 

“Zenit Saint Petersburg is the new generation club. We are driven by our values of competitiveness. At the forefront of innovation, we are always looking ahead, looking to the future, to offer our fans new experiences. To constantly improve them, and to offer better coverage for our brand, Sorare will enable us to reach out to new, young communities, especially in Asia and America. We are proud of this new collaboration”.