LiteBringer: the success of the Litecoin-based game continues

en.cryptonomist.ch 2020-09-15 13:43
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As can be learned from a press release today, the famous and also the only game on the Litecoin blockchain, LiteBringer, is continuing its incredible success, which is the result of its quality and uniqueness.

For those who are not familiar with this game, it was created by the German team CipSoft, also creator of the game Tibia.

LiteBringer, a completely onchain game

LiteBringer is the first game based entirely onchain and this means that all transactions in the game are made on the Litecoin blockchain, making it impossible to steal.

In fact, once the transactions are processed, they remain within the blockchain and encoded within the game, for instance when selling or buying a game item.

The great thing about LiteBringer is being able to sell unwanted items in exchange for Litecoin (LTC). 

Obviously, these are fractions, which are called lites: 1 Litecoin is equivalent to 1000 lites.

Charlie Lee and the Litecoin-based game 

The game didn’t go unnoticed by the creator of this blockchain, Charlie Lee, who immediately saw its potential:

 “One of the pioneers of online gaming taking the next step and developing the first true Litecoin game is great to see”.

The project revolutionizes the blockchain gaming world, as explained by the lead product manager and one of the founders of CipSoft, Ulrich Schlott:

“The blockchain has the potential to revolutionize gaming. We haven’t been this excited about a project since our first game went online in 1997”.

It is a game that will work as long as there are miners running Litecoin’s network, so players’ efforts won’t be lost and it will always be possible to sell the equipment and heroes after getting tired of playing, effectively turning the time spent playing into Litecoin (LTC).