VeChain Powers Chase Shiel’s Mars Yard & Off-White Air Jordan Sneakers

newslogical.com 2019-11-29 16:50
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Australian custom sneakers producer Chase Shiel has announced that it will be using VeChain blockchain technology to protects its Mars Yard & Off-White Air Jordan footwear against counterfeits, Newslogical can confirm.

As related on Twitter, the Mars Yard Off White AJ1 sneakers will be powered by Vehcain blockchain. Furthermore, the Vice President of the VeChain Foundation at South East Asia and Australasia, Sarah, also confirmed the development.

Sarah hailed Chase for their decision to opt for a trustworthy means to ensure that their goods and buyers are secured. Sarah said Chase Shiel will be using VeChain chips and blockchain.

Chase Shiel’s custom interpretation Mars Yard & Off White Air Jordan 1: soles are AJ and Chase had sewn everything from sole up with the brown accents from Nike’s Mars Yard

Shoutout to Chase for protecting his masterpiece & his buyers with VeChain chips & blockchain.
💯 🇦🇺 https://t.co/UwPU0pUiUW

— Sarah (@Sarah_Nabaa) November 28, 2019

Similarly, Chase has illustrated on its official website that its Mars Yard AJ1 will be powered by VeChain blockchain technology. A video of how buyers will use VeChain solution to confirm the authenticity of their shoes is available on the web page.

For now, there are four sneakers on Chase’s official site powered by VeChain. The Mars Yard OffWhite AJ1, which is powered by VeChain Toolchain authentication chip is already sold out.

While AM1 Travis Scott ‘Superior’, AM1 Travis Scott ‘Street’ and another Mars Yard OffWhite AJ1 are said to be only verified and powered by VeChain ToolChain.

As usual, buyers will have to scan the footwear with their smartphone to obtain relevant information about the sneakers.

Chase Shiel’s Mars Yard Air Jordan is yet to be available in the market, but the footwear producing company has said the shoes will be powered by VeChain blockchain technology.

Chase is now giving buyers the opportunity to make preorder for the yet to be unveiled shoe.

For close to 10 years, Chase has been producing shoes in the footwear industry, and the company is known for its excellent craftsmanship in the industry. In collaboration with Ryustyler, Chase recently launched the new “Wagashi” Nike Air Max.

In the past, the Singapore-based blockchain firm had partnered with renowned sneaker artist SBTG (Short for SABOTAGE) on the “Shoe of the Future.” The collaboration makes SBTG implant VeChain chips in some Adidas shoes.