0xGames to integrate blockchain wallet service from Arkane Network

www.cryptoninjas.net 2019-08-13 01:50
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Arkane Network, a next-generation blockchain wallet provider, has announced a new partnership 0xGames, a game studio which builds open economy games powered by blockchain. To make the best use of game mechanics, 0xGames builds games with multi-blockchain architecture allowing players to use such chains as Ethereum, EOSIO, and Tron simultaneously.

What Arkane Offers 0xGames

  • Players don’t require to own a blockchain wallet (TRON, Ethereum, etc…) (apps can provide one for the player)
  • Players are not required to download extra software (browser extensions, dapp browsers, etc…)
  • Browser compatibility
  • The ability to develop for any device (web, desktop, mobile, console)
  • The ability to build a native mobile app (i.e. 0xGames just released 0xUniverse for iOS and Android)
  • Offer their players multilingual customer support


One of 0xGames better-known titles 0xUniverse, where players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets, recently entered in the top three best rated Dappradar games.

The 0xGames team is currently working on 0xRacers, an open-economy racing manager where players get to own their cars, tune them up for better performance with unique auto parts, join racing events and profit while playing.

Source: arkane.network