HTC blockchain phone EXODUS 1 integrates Kyber Network for token swaps

www.cryptoninjas.net 2019-05-14 05:49
Reading time: ~2 m

HTC, a publicly-listed consumer electronics company, announced it has integrated Kyber Network’s liquidity protocol into its Zion Vault on EXODUS 1, the company’s blockchain phone.

With Kyber’s integration, EXODUS 1 users can now swap between 60+ major ERC20 tokens including KNC, BAT, and DAI, directly from the Zion Vault. This removes the need for users to first move tokens to 3rd party exchanges. Token swaps are performed entirely on-chain and can be easily tracked and verified.

This Zion Vault integration demonstrates how Kyber’s protocol enables token swapping functionality to be embedded into any application.

EXODUS 1 is a smartphone solution that aims to power the decentralized web through the implementation of blockchain technology for securing users keys and transactions in the Trusted Execution Environment on mobile devices.

Zion All-in-One Secure Wallet

  • Zion generates the 12-word key recovery phrase (seed) through Trusted Executive Environments (TEE) that blocks possible malware attacks. Zion refrains from recording any user information; all keys and passcode are stored in a Secure Enclave directly in users EXODUS 1.
  • Zion supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and planned support for multiple cryptocurrencies as well as ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, allowing users to manage crypto-assets efficiently.
  • Unique Social Key Recovery function divide recovery phrase into 3-5 parts, allowing users to send to designated friends and family for safekeeping and help recovery when needed. Your trusted contacts can now back you up from their Android and iOS operating devices.