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Blockchain Game Splinterlands Is off to an Explosive Start

coinquora.com 04 August 2021 07:55, UTC
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  • Splinterlands celebrates its rise in registrations.
  • The increased interest led to a boost in the games card value.
  • Splintershards staking has just gone live.

Splinterlands — the blockchain-based game has been creating a buzz lately following its token launch on Binance Smart Chain on July 26, 2021. The platform is thrilled to see a vast boom in registrations over the past month alone.

In detail, the sign-ups on the platform have increased by 10 times in comparison to last month. To be specific, the platform went from 500 registration on July 1 to 5,000 registrations almost every day into August.

Thanks to this boom in new users, the platform is also celebrating other big numbers as well. For instance, it saw more Spellbook sales on the first day of August than it did in the whole month of July.

To put it in numbers, the platform sold 50,000 spellbooks in one day. In contrast, it took them from May 2018 till June 2021 to sell 25,000 spellbooks. Besides this, it seems that Lands prices on the platform are skyrocketing as well. In fact, plots that were previously being sold for $10 or $20 are now being sold at over $180.

Another reason to celebrate is that the new Guild system on the platform is finally up and running. At the moment, the platform is home to 380 registered guilds. Among them include 25 different languages and an impressive array of skill levels.

Remarkably, all this growth has contributed to the massive rise of the total market cap for all of its cards. Splinterlands players now own these valuable assets that are presently sitting at $111,793,824.

Indeed, this is great news for Splinterlands cardholders. Players can now enjoy and appreciate the significance of their assets’ secondary market value. Especially, those holding gold legendary cards and super-rare promo cards. While the standard foil card values have gone up too they are not as astounding as the former cards.

Presently, the five most valuable cards on the market are — Wave Runner, Warrior of Peace, Marrow’s Ghost, Magma Troll, and Kobald Bruiser. These cards are nearly gone and have all doubled their market value over the last four weeks.

However, the next generation of cards ensures that new players can join in the action without breaking the bank. Currently, there are over 135,000 active rentals taking place on the market. As of now, the market is rapidly intensifying.

The collectible card games platform stated that new players get a chance of playing with a wide range of cards at a low cost. In addition to that, many players are saying that they already make more by playing than it costs to rent the cards.

Also, Splinterlands claims that card owners receive passive income for assets they already own. Following this, the team said that cardholders currently make over $5,000 per day, which would mean more than $2,000,000 per year.

Interestingly, on the Splinterlands ecosystem, there are more opponents available for new players to engage with. Hence, they can play each other at any given time and at every skill level. In addition, Splintershards staking just went live. This means that SPS token holders can begin earning even more on the platform.

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