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COZ brings WalletConnect to Neo N3 with new SDK and test web wallet for dApp integrations

neonewstoday.com 09 July 2021 03:39, UTC
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WalletConnect support is finally arriving on Neo thanks to a new SDK produced by COZ. Accompanying the SDK release is a new prototype web wallet, Aero, and a new article on Dojo which introduces the WalletConnect protocol and how to integrate it with Neo applications.

The open-source protocol is designed to facilitate communication between dApps and blockchain wallets. Most interactions between users and on-chain applications must be accompanied by some kind of signed transaction which authorizes the execution on-chain.

WalletConnect makes it possible for this to be done without a user needing to expose their private key to the application they are using. Users can connect their wallets with the application through a QR code, enabling the dApp to prompt the user with transactions for them to sign.

Example WalletConnect integration between Crypsydra and Aero wallet (Source: COZ)

To provide developers with the tools needed to rapidly prototype their own WalletConnect integrations, COZ has released Aero, a new N3 web wallet for test usage. In the future, the team will also bring WalletConnect functionality to its flagship Neon wallet.

The SDK makes it easy for developers to integrate their own applications with WalletConnect. Both a Core and a React variant are provided, the latter of which is set up to handle some key state changes automatically.

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