The Netherlands Must Now Ban Bitcoin: Dutch Central Planning Bureau Chief

u.today 11 June 2021 08:30, UTC
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Pieter Hasekamp, director of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) of the Netherlands believes that the crash of cryptocurrencies is unavoidable in the future.

He urges that the Dutch government must impose a ban on Bitcoin and other digital currencies immediately.

“Trading, mining and possessing of Bitcoin must be totally banned”

Pieter Hasekamp’s on this topic was published in the Financieele Dagblad. He wrote that when it comes to investors and governments, the last person to move is the loser, so to protect investors, the Netherlands government must put an end to trading, producing and even possessing crypto, according to him.

Hasekamp reckons that a ban on crypto would definitely lead to a drop in value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and could “herald the end of crypto”.

He has slammed cryptocurrencies for not being emitted by official financial institutions and for governments and financial authorities around the world having little to no control of them.

Hasekamp added:

After all, the product itself has no intrinsic value and derives its appeal only from acceptance by others.

Another attempt to ban crypto in the Netherlands

Pieter Hasekamp has been the director of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB), a crucial advisor to the government, since early spring 2020.

Still, back in 2018, the Netherland’s Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra rejected the implementation of a crypto ban.

Chinese Bitcoin mining ban

China has been more successful in banning cryptocurrencies, starting from September 2017 when it prohibited ICOs and banned the majority of crypto exchanges.

The biggest part of Bitcoin hashrate has been coming from China, however, recently the country’s government has been clamping down on miners citing the target of reducing the carbon footprint by banning all high energy consuming projects.

By now, three provinces have banned Bitcoin miners – Inner Mongolia (China’s autonomous region), Qinghai, Xinjiang.

As reported by U.Today earlier, this week, Chinese Internet search engines, such as Baidu, and the social media giant Weibo (analogue of Twitter) banned search results for three major crypto exchanges operating globally and in China – Binance, Huobi and OKEx.


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