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Some Bitcoin For The Bride: This Chinese Man Is Taking Cryptos To The Next Level

zycrypto.com 30 November 2018 03:40, UTC
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When Bitcoin came into being about a decade ago, very few people really knew about it. Also, many of those who heard about it didn’t understand it or its potential. Ten years later, Bitcoin is now the top most valued digital asset. It’s now a potent rival to gold.

Bitcoin As The Pioneer

Speaking of Bitcoin as the top crypto today accords it its deserved credence as having been the first invention of its kind. Bitcoin is the reason hundreds of other cryptos exist today because it proved that the previously hypothetical ideas of creating a decentralized digital asset on the internet could be turned into reality. Bitcoin knows no borders or citizenship or nationality. It’s a system built under the conviction of fostering free trade among people from all over the world. That’s why the crypto has been so popular and almost everyone in business knows about it now.


One of the challenges that have faced the crypto world is the difficulty in taking them mainstream. However, Bitcoin has managed to break through a lot of skepticism and become popular even in small countries like Malta and Belarus. Today, there are coffee shops in Europe that accept Bitcoin payments. Over 4,000 Bitcoin ATMs have already been installed across the world.

Chinese Groom And A Wallet Of Bitcoins

In fact, the crypto has become so popular that people are now gifting each other with it. Case in point involves one guy in China. During his wedding, the man decided to take the whole world by surprise by dishing out the ultimate gift to his bride. The gift came in the form of a crypto wallet.

A video clip of the interesting scene can be found here on twitter. In the video, the groom takes his time to explain to the love of his life that the wallet he’s gifting her contains 6 Bitcoins along with its private key. From a speculative angle, it’s pretty certain that this bride is about to get a whole lot richer from those Bitcoins as the crypto’s price bumps up from a recent slump. If it turns into a full-blown bull run, she could well find herself sitting on a gold-mine.

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