Whales still hold and accumulate BTC, the smallest players have already sold it for $ 13.5k

ccnews24.net 2020-11-26 16:30
Reading time: ~1 m

After yesterday, Bitcoin is only a few hundred dollars away from overcoming the previous ATH and rewriting history. However, with this increase, many traders have a dilemma as to when it is the right time to sell or if at all.

Thanks to analysts from Santiment, we can look at four graphs that show how Bitcoin owners of different categories behave.

The first graph shows the behavior of those who own between 0.1 – 1.0 BTC. These smallest players started selling BTC when it was at $ 13.5k.

When we look at the hodlers category with 1.0 – 10 BTC these traders started selling at $ 15.2k.

The third category is the larger fish with 100 – 1,000 BTC, which began to leave the boat when Bitcoin was at $ 18.0k.

Finally, there is the strongest category called Whales, which have 1,000 to 10,000 BTC and are currently still accumulating and holding their Bitcoin.

Which category do you belong to?

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