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Altcoin Sherpa, Crypto Analyst Makes Predictions For Ethereum Rally, Sets

bitcoinworld.co.in 25 October 2021 03:33, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Altcoin Sherpa is a popular crypto strategist and trader. More so, he goes on again to make predictions regarding a huge Ethereum rally. Then, also he sets out price targets for Polkadot (DOT) and FTX Token (FTT).

Furthermore, Altcoin Sherpa explains to his 136,600 followers how he’s monitoring Ethereum against Bitcoin (ETH/BTC). Then, states he sees the pair going on a rally in the coming months.

So, Altcoin Sherpa explains.
“ETH: I think the ETH/BTC pair continues to range for the next few weeks/months before a huge move later this year/Q1…”
“This probably goes a little higher before making a lower high in the short term…”
“Ethereum does not outperform BTC in the coming weeks, in my opinion…”
“ETH/USD goes to [new] all-time high.”

As per Altcoin Sherpa chart, ETH/BTC pair will retrace in the final months of 2021 before going on a huge rally.

Meanwhile, as per ETH/USD, ETH/USD says will spike to around $4,800 by next month.

Also, he’s also keeping a close eye on price action of Polkadot. More so, He expects Polkadot to consolidate against Bitcoin (DOT/BTC). Exactly, at the end of the year before a making massive bullish run early 2022.

“Expecting more ranging from the BTC pair… I think [the] BTC pair…”
“has good catalysts for later this year for a very strong run.”

Additionally, Altcoin Sherpa chart shows DOT/BTC pair can go above 0.0011 BTC ($66.42) by February 2022.
Consequently, This is an uptrend of about 60% from its current price of 0.00072 BTC ($43.47).

Meanwhile, as for FTX (FTT), Altcoin Sherpa see a possible hit at $80, after breaking out resistance at $67.35.

“FTT. It’s still 1 of the safest alts you can have.”

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