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23 Core Members Propelling Verge (XVG) In The Crypto World

todaysgazette.com 04 December 2018 14:10, UTC
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Unlike many other cryptos, Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency is known for leveraging networks and so far it has worked for the altcoin. Even when others are more obsessed about price, Verge believes its networks would in the long run elevate it, and truly it did.

While series of cryptographic projects are churned into the space on daily basis due to the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, Verge (XVG) seems to be ousting its contemporaries that are well funded with its mammoth community.

Relentlessly, the community of the altcoin continues to grow month-over-month with the addition of new members like audience, vendors and team members.

According to an update released by the cryptocurrency, the community and the core team of Verge cryptocurrency has so far in the last one year and half evolved the project greatly.

Referred to as core team members, the following are groups of individuals who dedicated their effort and time actively to promote Verge (XVG).


With the aim of designing a cryptographic project that allows people to gain privacy in their everyday lives, Justin (Sunerok), the founder and lead developer of Verge Currency, initially released the project in 2014 with the title DogecoinDark. You can reach him on Twitter: @JustinVendetta


With over 8 years’ experience in the crypto space and enterprise technology, CR (CryptoRekt) remains an important member of the Verge Core Team. He is one of the oldest member, he joined since 2014 when the project was first launched.

At the moment, CR (CryptoRekt) is the head of operation and business development. He is the author of Verge Currency BlackPaper. Twitter: @CryptoRekt


Often regarded as the eyes and ears of the community, Mihael is a major community manager at Verge, and he also helps with managing team action and communication. He takes having dialogue with supporter and lovers important.

Mihael an offshore cable laying vessel engineer. He has worked with over 30 nationalities in the last 13 years. Connect him @Mihael_CM


With a bachelor degree in Economics and other Project Management certificates like Scrum, Prince 2, and lean amongst other, Dini hold the position of Project Manager at Verge currency.

Since January 2018 when she joined the Verge (XVG) Core team, she has played many roles in the firm including working towards mass adaption.
Reach out to Dini @CryptoGirlDini.


No other person is the head of Marketing at Verge. Han holds a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing. Aside having Masters in Business Administration, Han possesses over 8 years’ experience in social, branding, and content marketing. Han’s Twitter account is @GreentAzn


The lead advisor at Verge is Krostopher. Kris focusses more on strategy, marketing and operations.

After entering the crypto space in 2017 as an investor of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Kris later joined the Verge core team in December 2017 and he has since then been an evangelist of Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Kris is a diligent entrepreneur and investor, he has cofounded two successful companies, and will soon release a blockchain fintech project into the space.

Find Kris @KristopherMT

Others include

MARVIN – Product developer at Verge (XVG) and the initial creator of the new desktop wallet. Twitter: @marpme_

SWEN – Verge’s product developer with specialization in the development of iOS and Mac based development work. Swen’s Twitter account is @SwenVanZanten.

AKSHAY – At Verge, Akshay helps with developing peripheral applications such as bots and Verge wallet integrations on Point of Sale apps. Twitter: @sourcedexter.

MIKE – The technical advisor at Verge (XVG) Currency is Mike. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and works as a DoD contractor and a software engineer.

Twitter: @CmplxStack

LLOYD – 38 years old Lloyd is a general advisor and writer at Verge. He helps to maintain and create the Verge WiKi/Knowledgebase. Twitter: @3swizzlesticks

JASON – Jason is the community manager of Verge (XVG) Currency. He joined since 2014. Twitter: @CoinCrazy66.

ALEX – Alex works as an editor at Verge and he supports Micheal in communicating with the Verge community. He is well known by the community as Ninja. Twitter: @XVG_Ninja.

ERNSTJAN – With 17 years’ experience in consultancy and advertising, Ernstjan assists with writing, sales and sourcing potential partnerships for Verge (XVG). He also helps to consult business management strategy.

Twitter: @ErnstjanAlbers

NICK – The role of marketing strategies, multimedia design and production at Verge is well taken by Nick. Twitter: @XVGGAUDI.

HASSAN – The lead graphics Designer of the cryptographic project is Hassan. All graphics about the official Verge are the results of his work. Twitter: @waveon3

AREND – Arend dealt with the Technical integration and communication of Verge (XVG). His main focus is establishing new partnerships and supporting companies and vendors with the integration of Verge. Twitter: @Arend_XVG

MARK – Mark first became aware of Crypto in 2010 and while searching amongst the many different projects in the space, he found his core beliefs aligned perfectly with Verge. Twitter: @VergeCanada

HARRY – Harry’s goal at Verge (XVG) is mass adoption. He is focused with the integration of Verge on the platforms of markets and businesses. Twitter: @XVGHS

DAN – The concentration of Dan at Verge is technical research, debunking of fabricated info and he ensures better communication with information. Twitter: @wit_sec_birb

TIMOTHY – Timothy’s degree in management and knowledge in operational, tactical and strategic sides of business has been of great benefit to Verge (XVG) Currency. Twitter: @TR_Stevens

SAMANTHA – With great experience in planning, strategy and contract negotiation in the advert industry, Sam head the sales department at Verge. Twitter: @CryptoSamantha

LEON – Despite joining recently, Leon has been very active in the community of the altcoin a year before. In an effort to bring the community closer, Leon is hosting and administrating the Verge Forums. Twitter: @Verge_forums


The altcoin’s Team is known to be ever-changing as new people are brought in. Even beyond the core team, there are quite a number of people working profusely to promote the awareness and adoption of Verge (XVG) around the globe.

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