Charles Hoskinson Explains if Cardano will be Useless after Launch of Ethereum 2.0

newslogical.com 2020-05-22 00:00
Reading time: ~2 m

In a recent interview with “Crypto Adapter”, Charles Hoskinson, the Co-founder of Ethereum, Cardano and IOHK CEO, said that all the core protocols of Cardano are already of the same degree or better than Ethereum. Hoskinson made the clarification when asked if Cardano will become unneeded after the launch of Ethereum 2.0.

He said he’s confident that Ethereum is not in any way superior to Cardano, as Cardano can perform all the proposed features of Ethereum 2.0 excellently beyond what Ethereum 2.0 will offer, hence, Ethereum 2.0 can’t render Cardano useless.

According to Hoskinson, all the core protocols of Cardano are better than what Ethereum 2.0 has to offer, he further added that the Cardano network has explicit blockchain based governance an areas Ethereum is yet to develop on.

The Cardano network consensus protocol is far better and has more efficient ideas to update the system with significantly improved network designs that are extremely better than all that was proposed in the Ethereum 2.0.

In addition to this, Hoskinson went further to reveal that Ethereum, instead of achieving essential proposals, focuses on too many goals. Once the Hydra protocol is initiated Cardano will be able to execute more than one million transactions in one second, another leapfrog that will place Cardano ahead of Ethereum.

Hoskinson is however skeptical about Ethereum transiting from the proof of work protocol to proof of stake in a timely manner that will guarantee purposefulness. He was of the opinion that such implementation is supposed to be immediate without unnecessary hesitation.