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We’ll Have the Largest Army of Marketers – Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson

newslogical.com 07 May 2020 01:30, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Cardano has hinted on the vision of its marketing strategy for its blockchain network. The CEO of the Input and Output HK who doubles as the co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, disclosed that Cardano would have the largest army of marketers with the strategies it is putting in place.

Explaining how intriguing the month of May would be, Hoskinson highlighted that stuffs like discussions, Cardano effective episode, blog posts, videos, installation of software among some others are to be rolled out in the month. He said these developments will help Cardano has it moves towards the launch of Shelley.

He explained that this is an indication that the best of days for Cardano is getting closer, and the blockchain will continue to be faster, smarter and display resilience than any other projects.

He said Cardano is growing similarly to the way Coronavirus spreads.

While responding to users who asked when the blockchain network would begin aggressive marketing, Charles said two efforts have to be in parallel for successful marketing.

“Simplicity is the ultimate elegance and we have a long way to go to get to a point where our messaging exhibits that in its package for a virality,” he said.

“Equally important is that we have to make sure that the community is armed with the right facts –the community’s armed with the right messaging and has the ability to spread the good word to everybody around”.

Hoskinson added that if these can be achieved, Cardano will have the “largest army of marketers around to talk” about its vision.

Charles explains that a lot of people look at Cardano’s price on Coinmarketcap and question when the cryptocurrency would rally high to about 10x its present figure. The CEO said that this is a counterproductive behavior.

He furthered that such people who what the price of Cardano to go up at the moment are planning to dump the asset and leave the ecosystem immediately they find something brighter.

“They’re not here to actually be evangelists for the technology they’re not here to be evangelists for the social consequences of what we’re trying to do,” Charles urged users to remains resilient and committed to the blockchain project.

For enhanced marketing, Cardano is working with PwC for the commercialization of its blockchain network.

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