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Verge: "15k transactions were made on PornHub in XVG"

en.cryptonomist.ch 02 May 2020 12:00, UTC
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In a recent interview, the founder of Verge said that his blockchain has seen 15k transactions made by PornHub to pay for their models using the XVG cryptocurrency.

In April 2018, Verge had in fact entered into a joint venture with MindGeek, owner of PornHub and other adult websites such as Brazzers and TrafficJunky, in order to use this crypto to pay their professional and non-professional actors.

Moreover, when it had emerged that PornHub could no longer use PayPal but one of the alternatives was Verge, the price of XVG had skyrocketed, with increases of 25%.

In general, on PornHub it seems that 1% of all transactions are made through cryptocurrencies, according to data from last September 2018.

Anyway, that’s why The Cryptonomist decided to interview Verge founder and CEO Justin Sunerok and business developer Mark.

With them, besides PornHub, we talked about the future of this project that aims to become a secure, fast and cheap payment method, but also about stablecoins and much more.

There’s was a cute cameo of Justin’s little dog, which wanted to intervene at all costs while recording the video interview.

Click here to watch our video interview:

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