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BabyDoge Holders Now Total Whopping 1.205 Million

u.today 12 January 2022 14:35, UTC
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The community of BabyDoge holders now counts a whopping 1,205,517 people.

BabyDoge holders' number hits new record

This is almost double the growth in merely five days; back on Jan. 7, the number of users holding this meme crypto surpassed 700,000 people.

Some of these holders are the 1,000 largest BNB whales, according to a recent tweet by WhaleStats. These people are holding over one quadrillion BabyDoge tokens: 1,021,210,347,125,265 worth $3,921,073.

🏆 New Record: #BabyDoge reaches an astonishing 1,205,000+ holders.

Current Holder Count: 1,205,517

💹 The top 1000 BNB wallets are holding 1,021,210,347,125,265 #BabyDoge ($3,921,073 USD)

Source: https://t.co/Uc1nehV7Jr#BabyDoge #BabyDogeCoin #BabyDogeArmy

— WhaleStats - the top 1000 BSC richlist (@WhaleStatsBSC) January 12, 2022

Earlier, U.Today reported that BabyDoge had flipped ETH as the most frequently traded token for Binance Smart Chain whales; that was two days ago. This was not the first time the meme crypto token had surpassed ETH in that status.

By now, Ethereum has recovered this position, according to WhaleStats data.

Here's how many users hold FLOKI

In comparison with BabyDoge, the number of investors holding another popular meme cryptocurrency, Floki Inu (FLOKI), amounts to 340,029.

This canine coin, inspired by Elon Musk's Shiba Inu puppy named Floki, is held by some of the top 1,000 BNB whales too. These large crypto investors are storing 65,963,391,502 FLOKI in their wallets. This amount of crypto constitutes $4,492,130.

🏆 New Record: $FLOKI reaches an astonishing 340,000+ holders.

Current Holder Count: 340,029

💹 The top 1000 BNB wallets are holding 65,963,391,502 $FLOKI ($4,492,130 USD)

Source: https://t.co/Uc1nehV7Jr#Floki #FlokiVikings

— WhaleStats - the top 1000 BSC richlist (@WhaleStatsBSC) January 12, 2022

FLOKI was recently listed by popular Indian exchange Giottus, which works with U.S. users, unlike other exchanges outside the U.S. The same exchange added support for another popular meme token—Shiba Inu—on Dec. 11.

Aside from Giottus, Floki Inu has recently been listed by the Bitrue and BitGlobal exchanges.

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