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Bison Trails prepares to support Polkadot validators at launch

www.cryptoninjas.net 27 February 2020 12:20, UTC
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Bison Trails. a blockchain Infrastructure-as-a-Service company, announced today it will be supporting Polkadot on its platform, allowing anyone to launch and run a Polkadot validator. Polkadot’s network connects blockchains through a scalable heterogeneous multi-chain enabling new designs of blockchains to share software and security with the other parachains.

As Polkadot prepares for Mainnet launch, developers and validators are gearing up to participate in its network. Bison Trails, who has successfully run validators on Kusama, the innovative Web3 Foundation project that allows developers to test implementations in a Polkadot-like environment, has readied itself to provide infrastructure services and resilient validators through its distributed software suite.

“Bison Trails has established itself as a leader in node and blockchain infrastructure and we’re excited ramp-up support for Kusama and Polkadot,” said Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails. “Both Kusama and Polkadot were designed to scale to 1,000 validators with similar levels of stake and 100 parachain shards, each with their own collator nodes. Bison Trails empowers DOT and KSM holders to participate in the network more quickly and easily than would otherwise be possible.”

With close to 100% uptime and zero customers having lost stake as a result of slashing on Kusama, Bison Trails is situated to deploy reliable, automated, and decentralized Polkadot validating nodes. To coincide with the Polkadot Mainnet launch, Bison Trails will also introduce a proprietary innovation in blockchain technology. Its double-signing feature will include a protective software to ensure there will never be a double-sign on any block, a major protection against slashing.

“By fully supporting both the Kusama and Polkadot initiatives, even after Polkadot launches, we’re enabling the pioneers of tomorrow to build the future that we envision,” said Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails. “We’re incredibly optimistic about what we’ve seen with Kusama, and we believe in Polkadot’s potential to be truly transformative for the entire blockchain industry.”

The Polkadot protocol notably allows arbitrary data, not just tokens, to be transferred across blockchains making it an invaluable addition to the community. Exciting use cases which include the deployment of Smart contract chains with WebAssembly such as Edgeware and Oracle chains that make off-chain data available to all contracts on the Polkadot network such as ChainLink are just a few of the developments the ecosystem is anticipating.

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