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Active Addresses: Tron Rises to Become 3rd Largest Blockchain Project

newslogical.com 16 January 2020 23:00, UTC
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Amid the ongoing suspected mini bull run, obtained data has revealed that TRON technology is becoming more relevant considering the great progresses the noticed in the ecosystem lately.

According to information shared by a Tronix community member and the CCO of Beatzcoin, Misha Lederman, TRON ascended to become the 3rd largest project in the blockchain space in terms of active addresses, among all blockchain networks in the space.

The decentralized focused project also accrued great growth as it executed more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain combined, data shared by Misha from Messari Crypto page reveals.

As most crypto enthusiasts focus on this mini bull-run (caused by a strange hopium mixed fear about a notorious fraudster), #TRON rises to 3rd Most Active Addresses among all blockchains:#Bitcoin: 640k (300k txs)#ETH: 281k (549k tx)#TRX: 233k (1M txs)

Usage will trump hype👥 pic.twitter.com/QInqQEBqk3

— Misha Lederman (@mishalederman) January 15, 2020

The illustrated data revealed that TRON had over 233K active addresses on its platform at the time Misha captured the information. The huge number of active addresses placed TRON as the third largest project behind Bitcoin and Ethereum which presented over 640K and 281K actives addresses at that time.

TRON Performed More Transactions than Bitcoin, Ethereum Combined

Similarly, data relating to transaction volume on the illustrated table indicates that TRON, within 24 hours, performed more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum altogether.

According to the table, TRON had over 1M transaction volume while Bitcoin presented 300k transaction volume and Ethereum recorded 549K volume. TRON preformed over 151K more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined.

Commenting on the result of the data, Misha Lederman said: “Usage will trump hype.”

However, the number of active addresses on TRON blockchain, as obtained from Messari Crypto at press time, had dropped to 62,371, making TRON slide down to become the 5th largest blockchain in terms of active addresses.

The number of transactions executed on the blockchain project of Justin Sun similarly dropped at press time, but continues to maintain lead ahead of Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction volume combined.

At press time Tron presented over 881K transaction volume within 24 hours. Bitcoin and Ethereum also recorded over 278K and over 523.

According to Messari Crypto, the only project that had over 800K transaction volume in 24 hours aside from TRON is XRP. The Remittance oriented crypto XRP presented over 822K volume at press time.

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