EOS.IO (EOS) 2.0 Released by Block.One: What's New

u.today 2020-01-12 19:00
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Block.one, the development team behind EOS.IO (EOS) blockchain, released the second version of its software. It is focused on the operational speed and smooth development experience.

New Virtual Machine

It has been announced today that EOS.IO (EOS) 2.0 is released. It is a software required for the operations in EOS.IO and similar blockchains.

A stable version of #EOSIO 2 is now available making it faster, simpler, and even more secure. Start building. https://t.co/R6PGAUsJ30

— block.one (@block_one_) January 10, 2020

It replaces an ordinary WebAssembly (WASM)-based engine by a new, purpose-built EOS VM. According to Block.one, it will process smart contracts up to 4x-16x faster than the previous version of EOS.IO software. EOS VM and its components are also highly customizable, so developers can implement its various facets suitable for different use-cases.

EOS.IO also has upgraded the block processing performance by isolating some components of transaction handling.

Developers Paradise

 A new development environment, EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE has also been released. It is run in the cloud, so, a new smart contract testnet can be created even by a newbie developer in a couple of minutes.

Moreover, with EOS.IO (EOS) 2.0, developers can begin with demo applications, seamlessly make changes, and see updates in real-time, as well as commit code to Git repositories directly from their browsers.

Finally, cutting-edge WebAuthn cryptographic standard is implemented to guarantee the unmatched level of security and to prevent high-profile data breaches where passwords are stolen.


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