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Tron-Backed Project Just.Game Obtains A Rank Of Dapp # 1

newslogical.com 24 December 2019 08:45, UTC
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On Monday night, a new dapp Just.Game project based on a smart contract was launched on Tron mainnet.

As part of the promotion for the project, Justin Sun, the creator of Tron, personally invested about 125 million TRX ($ 1.75 million). At the same time, thanks to Sun’s activity, Just.Game has been lifted in the latest DappReview report. The project is now ranked number 1.

The creator of the blockchain project Tron wrote this on Twitter.

No.1 Dapp is back! #TRON #TRX $TRX https://t.co/nOf4jxvLkM

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) December 24, 2019

As we can see, already on the first day the volume on the platform, unexpectedly, exceeded 500 million TRX.

The Rules Of The Just.Game

Source: Just.Game

So what, does the game attract the attention of participants? Firstly, according to Just.Game official website:

“This organization acts as a Precursor Artificial Intelligence Software that wants to keep itself alive. A concept straight out of science fiction.”

Participants have to buy some “boxes”. The price of each is 25 TRX. They are empty as soon as you buy them, but when someone buys boxes after you or makes a reinvest, part of the money is distributed between all closed boxes in the game. As the boxes are filled with TRX, you can open them. At the same time, you will open either all the boxes or not a single one. Only one or part cannot be opened.

There is a difference when you open a box, because globally for everyone there is a countdown timer that cannot exceed 12 hours. But when someone opens their mailbox (s), the timer is extended by 30 seconds for each already opened box.

And here just two important components are hidden:

  1. People will open their boxes before the end of the counter, cause they will receive double the number of TRX accumulated in the box.
  2. If the participant does not open his boxes before the end of the counter, he will simply receive the amount inside without any bonus.

When the boxes are opened, from them the same TRX is distributed among the closed boxes
Every operation with boxes belongs to a certain jackpot – a “reboot” that the owners of the last open boxes in the round will share among themselves.

For example: if the jackpot is $ 10,000,000, each of the last 100 open boxes will receive a reward of $ 100,000.
We can see an appeal that will force people to bring dividends to the owners of closed boxes based on the distribution mechanism.

  • Reinvests – in the game, users can spend TRX on the purchase of new boxes to collect a larger percentage of the entire dividend flow.
  • Loyalty – as the user participates in the game he will earn points that will allow him to get the next round of the game.
  • The affiliate program is one of the most mysterious parts of the rules. There is a multi-level affiliate program, and the percentage from each level is dynamic, which will be the greater – the more you invited people and made a turn, it’s estimated that 10% will go to the affiliate to all levels.

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