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TRON Community Developers Release Privacy Futures, But TRX, BTT Won’t Use It

newslogical.com 22 December 2019 02:30, UTC
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TRON community developers have released the much expected and talked about privacy features for shielded transaction and layer-2 extension, however, TRX, BitTorrent’s BTT and WINk (WIN) won’t be able to make use of this features, the creator of TRON Justin Sun has said.

While this is a progress to the TRON community, Justin Sun is not willing to convert the TRON network to a completely private environment.

Justin, who praised the community developers, said TRX token, BTT and WIN will not be able to incorporate the privacy feature, and their transactions ledger will remain opened to the public.

However, developers will be able to issue privacy-oriented TRC10 and TRC20 tokens on TRON Network in the future. When they do, TRX10 and TRC20 tokens are not going to be backward compatible.

“Existing tokens such as $TRX, $BTT and $WIN will not be able to incorporate this feature, and their transaction ledgers will continue to be public.”

The technology to be used for shielding transactions is zk-SNARK (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge).

There have been series of reports that Justin Sun will implement shielded transaction using zk-SNARKs for TRON’s TRX token.

(1/3) Great to see that #TRON community developers have released the privacy feature that is the key to shielded transactions and layer-2 extension, which has entered testnet.

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) December 21, 2019

The innovation was first developed by Zcash developers purposely to conceal every necessary information about a transaction a public blockchain.

Although Justin Sun announced that TRON launched the beta testing of the privacy feature, TRX transactions will not enjoy from the opportunity.

TRON Foundation Announces the Winning SRs of TRON 50 Million TRX Giveaway

TRON has announced the winning Super Representatives (SRs) of the TRON 50 million TRX giveaway.

The reward is to purposely appreciate the contributions of the SRs in November 2019.

However, SRs that are GRs, crypto exchanges or staking service providers are not included in this giveaway.

Twenty SRs were selected by the TRON Foundation, however SRs who failed to submit application before the deadline or did not contribute to the TRON community or had malicious acts were excluded from the giveaway.

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