Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson: If Things Go Right, We Should Have a Billion Users

newslogical.com 2019-12-03 23:00
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The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has expressed his lack of fulfillment towards the present status of Cardano, stating that he is not satisfied with the fact that the cryptocurrency remains at the back of the pack or being an experimental project.

The CEO said Cardano was built to be “a world financial operating system,” and with time if things go right, Cardano will have a billion users –its ideal usage.

The CEO made the proclamation during the last AMA video section. Charles said on his way back from Switzerland, he stopped at Ireland where he had the opportunity to meet McCann, a world-known marketing firm that works with Coca-Cola, Microsoft among other big brands.

There, he had the opportunity of telling Cardano’s story. Charles said Cardano is getting ready for a major brand refresh and huge market surge in 2020.

He said cryptocurrency is everywhere online, thus making it paramount to explain the greatness of cryptocurrency to the world, why it takes so long to build and why Cardano is the best cryptocurrency on the planet.

Hoskinson said critics of the cryptocurrency can sit and watch Cardano win, and they can later explain to the world how they got things wrong like Paul Krugman.

The CEO mentioned that a major milestone achieved recently was switching to two-week release cycle of Haskell node, hence, the first major release would be out next week.

With the release incentivize testnet of Shelly, Charles said they are at the end of the road, and it is a great opportunity for people to build their stake pools and fill up their reputation brand as we march toward the release of Shelley mainnet.

Charles said they’ve managed to decentralize a lot of infrastructure on their end, and by this year-end, Cardano network will be completely decentralized.

Hoskinson said he’s proud of the great team and their research works over the years.

“A lot of people have criticized us that we are too slow, we don’t know what we are doing, we can’t achieve it”, Charles said, but claimed he never had a reason to be doubtful.


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