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SHIB Surpasses 4-Month High, On-Chain Data from Santiment Offers Details

u.today 07 October 2021 13:47, UTC
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Team of the on-chain data vendor Santiment has taken to Twitter to comment on the Shiba Inu (SHIB) rally that has been taking place this week. The coin has reached and got over its 4-month price high, adding over 370 percent by now.

Santiment has shared an update on SHIB on-chain data and how it reflected the coin’s staggering spike, using the following metrics: active addresses, whale transaction count, deposits, exchange inflow, etc. Overall, they believe that a price top may be forming for Shiba Inu as there are several signs for it.

🐶 #ShibaInu just keeps on climbing, now at a 4-month high of $0.00003117 and 3-day return of a staggering +258%. Read our update on where prices will go next based on Exchange Inflow & Outflow, Active Addresses & Deposits, Whale Transaction Count, & more. https://t.co/eJSk9Sfd0q pic.twitter.com/wDzk4gEbBX

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) October 7, 2021

SHIB address activity, exchange outflows

According to the Santiment report, SHIB active addresses are at a “crazy high” – they have noticed up to 4,500 active addresses per day and the activity does not drop to, say, 100-200 addresses. The analytics team points out this is a sign that this SHIB rally does have a fundamental justification.

According to them, Shiba Inu at the moment is among the top five most used coins on Ethereum. However, they have no idea who may be using SHIB so actively and what for.

Exchange outflows are not terrific, Santiment data shows, however, withdrawals at these levels are “generally good for a coin”. Active deposits are very much high, which Santiment experts believe to be a yellow flag, since this may indicate a price top forming for SHIB. The same shows a not very high exchange inflow.

Whale transaction count, “high risk, low reward”

As for the amount of transactions performed by SHIB whales, Santiment says that here there are some more yellow flags for the coin.

The reason for that is that according to their research published earlier, number of whale transactions often coincide with a local price top for a cryptocurrency. Overall, Santiment warns that the current situation with Shiba token may mean “high risk, low reward”.


Shiba Inu on top 13 spot

SHIB has rallied first to the top twenty place and by now it has reached the top 13 spot on the CoinMarketCap scale. The token’s price has hit $0.00003482, rising over 50 percent in the past twenty-four hours. The current price level of SHIB holds it just 18 percent from its all-time high of $0.0000388 it hit in mid-May.

In the meantime, the coin’s market capitalization value has surpassed a whopping $12 billion (that's more than Litecoin, Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash have) and its trading volume stands at over $18 billion as of now.

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