Ripple May Bless New MoneyGram and Visa’s P2P Debit Card to Use XRP: Unconfirmed

news.u.today 2019-09-10 16:50
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Just yesterday, PRNewswire reported that MoneyGram had joined forces with Visa to launch a P2P debit card deposit service.

In the light of the recent acquisition of the payment service operator MoneyGram by Ripple, many in the XRP community believe (and hope) that this debit card service would utilize XRP for fast money transfers.

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— MackAttack XRP 🇳🇱 (@MackAttackXRP) September 9, 2019

MoneyGram, Visa Direct + Ripple?

Visa Direct is a payments platform of Visa that conducts payments to more than a billion cards around the world. The head of MoneyGram Alex Holmes stated:

We strive to create the best possible experience for sending and receiving money, and this new product offering empowers our customers by giving them yet another way to send money to friends and family.

Bill Sheley, the Global Head of Visa Direct commented on the recent collaboration with MoneyGram:

By implementing Visa Direct, companies like MoneyGram are able to offer choice, flexibility and peace of mind to customers, knowing that each transaction is backed by the security, reach and capability of Visa's global payments network.

At present, the new debit card service works only within the US. However, Visa and MoneyGram soon plan to expand it to other regions as well.

Naturally, when such a remittance giant as MoneyGram and a heavyweight as Visa join forces, taking into account the recent link between the former and Ripple, many would be seduced to think that finally, XRP would start to be utilized here.

The community’s speculation

As reported by U.Today earlier, MoneyGram now uses Ripple’s xRapid to carry out global payments by utilizing XRP.

This makes some in the Ripple community speculate that the new card service by MoneyGram and Visa may also start using XRP as soon as it goes beyond the US.

My ? is can you load the card with xrp and spend it or send xrp to others, that would be beyond cool.

— Spuds XRP (@Abud4spud) September 9, 2019

Some are in doubt, though.

Ripple has not yet commented on this speculation in any way.


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