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Japan Content Token (JCT) Surges 700% To Grab Position 63

todaysgazette.com 07 May 2019 15:00, UTC
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The cryptocurrency market is going green, and prices are surging. Bitcoin seems to have been the main trigger of the bullish sentiment after months of lull. However, there now seems to be a new coin in town, and its catching a lot of eyes. Its name is Japan Content Token (JCT).

What Is JCT?

According to information available on coinmarketcap, JCT is basically a platform that facilitates auction or re-sale of ownership certifications. The platform says that its main goal is to use the JCT coins as loyalty points in helping businesses or brands in running effective loyalty programs.

The Coin Is Bullish

The crypto community is now taking serious notice of the JCT as it surges with over 700% over a short period. Currently, the coin sits a position 63 on the crypto charts, trading at around $0.322. Coinmarketcap indicates that the crytpo’s price increase currently reflects a 705.13% surge. That’s a huge deal especially considering that much of the rest of the crypto market is posting single digit price increase percentages. As a matter of fact, there are those like Tether, USD Coin, TrueUSD, and Ravencoin that are still in the read.

Besides the huge price surge, the coin’s total market cap has increase to around 94.4 million, with a 24 hour volume of about $702,548. Still, despite the significant price surge, the current price is still below JCT’s All-Time-High value of $0.38 recorded back in May 7, 2019. The coin’s lowest moment happened in April 25, 2019, when it traded at just around $0.0179.

JCT’s total supply stands at 2.5 billion JCT coins, with a current circulating supply of 293,150,782 JCT coins. Compared to other coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, a single JCT coin currently costs around 0.00005367 BTC or 0.0017984 ETH.

Disclaimer: this article is not a financial advice and should not be used as one. It is only written for informational purpose. Do personal research, by contacting financial experts, before investing in any crypto.

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