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Best Blockchain-based Tourism Apps

At this date, tourism is one of the fields where the largest cash flows are concentrated. Travel and leisure bring a fair amount of money to the budget of many countries. Despite this, tourism is not regulated to the fullest extent — travelers often receive poor living conditions, overpay for a service that was never provided, and even lose their savings due to scammers.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that popular services in order to increase their profits use these well-worn tricks: many hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes fake good reviews so that tourists use their services; if the traveler needs to book accommodation, then he or she will pay a commission of 10-20% of the total amount, with other unpleasant moments.

With the advent of blockchain technology, everything begins to change — platforms that are created on its basis give tourists the opportunity to choose their own conditions of vacations, cost and type of necessary services. At the same time, travelers can leave real reviews about places and not lose money due to poor quality services. Speaking about savings, it will allow travelers to pay 1.5-2 times less than before. The main emphasis of such blockchain-based projects is made on comfort, convenience, publicity, profitability and accessibility. Let’s review the most promising and interesting platforms in the tourism sector.

World Trip Singapore

The project is presented in the form of a social platform for traveling, which combines artificial intelligence and content from the users in order to create a single service for tourists in which you can share your travel experiences. At the moment, the platform works in Asia, since many tourists come there to visit ancient civilizations. In the future, the project will work in America and Europe. The advantages of the platform include the following:

  • The ability to communicate with other tourists, make new friends and travel with company.
  • Any person who provides services can join the platform and receive new customers through the project.
  • Indigenous people of Asia can receive additional income if they join and show tourists their cities or villages.
  • Anyone can leave a review about getting to know a new place, no matter what it is: a tourist attraction, restaurant, bar or culture of the place in general.

Among the shortcomings of the project we should mention that:

  • Anyone can fake a review — there are no checks or guarantees that the tourist’s record is not fake.
  • The project has its own currency — a token, but due to small turnover its price does not increase, which in turn causes concern about the future of the platform.


On-Life is the third millennium social network that brings together tourists from all over the world. The platform gathers tourists, locals and business owners into a unique ecosystem. Any user can earn money with the help of content — for this you just need to leave a true review about a restaurant, hotel or, for example, a certain tourist place. Individual travel routes can also be monetized. The project has its own currency, which you can earn and trade.

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On-Life is useful not only for tourists, but also for expats.There are special communities within the app that help all people who want to change their place of residence. They have information about what documents are required for relocation, where it is best to look for work and housing. For business owners, the project is interesting in another way — to increase the number of customers and profit absolutely for free. The project does not make money with advertising. The advantages of the project:

  • There are degrees of protection against fake reviews — the blockchain itself, revisors, and the geolocation function. If a person has not been seen at this place, then the review cannot be left.
  • Active communities around the world that help tourists travel and move — you can find new friends without leaving your house.
  • Great opportunities for business owners — an internal rating will allow owners with a quality product to get more profit while overtaking large firms.
  • A team that often travels and faced all the problems of tourists, made their product as simple and useful for each user as possible.
  • The project has its own ambassadors who work every day and involve new people. The purpose of the application is to create a unique tourist experience in one app and become independent from external sources.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • A range of earning opportunities that it will be hard for beginners to figure it out.
  • Currently, the local currency is inexpensive.

Cool Cousin

The project is a thematic forum in which all tourists of the world share their impressions and leave reviews about cities, hotels and other places. The platform is designed for tourists who create routes themselves. Those who leave feedback in the system are rewarded with tokens. The distinctive feature of the project is that in all cities there are so-called “local friends” — residents who have useful information for tourists. They talk about interesting places, customs, where to live and other news — for a fee. The main advantages of the project:

  • Almost in every city there are people who help traveling and share important information with all tourists.
  • There is a reward system that allows you to earn on your knowledge of places.
  • Currently, more than 500,000 travelers use the platform.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • Not all countries and cities have “local friends” — for tourists who love exotics, the application won’t be useful.
  • The platform fights with fake content, but sometimes it happens that fake and prejudiced reviews appear.


A unique project that makes it possible to rent a mobile home for living in any country. You can pay for rent with project tokens. The specific feature of such houses is that the assembly does not require screws and bolts, it is compact and easy to transport. The application has its own map, which marks and tags the place for a comfortable stay. The advantages include the following:

  • An own ecosystem that allows you to safely and comfortably live almost anywhere in the world.
  • Saves Earth's resources — it has an own solar battery and module for cleaning any water.
  • The home is manageable with your smartphone.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • A house cannot be delivered everywhere — you cannot transport it by plane.
  • Fairly high price for any modification of the house.
  • The project does not allocate the main cryptocurrencies, but uses all existing ones, what in turn complicates the payment.


A modern blockchain-based platform that reserves hotels, apartments and other options. Using the service, all users with tokens can book accommodation on the platform. At first, the project appeared in Europe and provided good service for a moderate commission. Its main competitors are world-famous companies. The platform can consolidate its position in the market with the following advantages:

  • Instead of a commission of 15-20%, the service takes a fixed 8%.
  • The entire system is integrated with dozens of websites and provides automatic booking at a fixed rate.
  • All actions are displayed in real time.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • Despite cooperation with small market players, large companies are gradually taking leading positions.
  • All payments are made by cryptocurrency, and due to jumps in the exchange rate, there is a certain part of dissatisfied users.


Due to the emergence of blockchain-based projects in the field of tourism, the monopoly will gradually dissolve — each traveler will be able to save on renting accommodation, get true information and even make money in many ways. The variability of projects is great.

Everyone who wants to join the future should look at such parameters — the geography of the platform, its advantages, the significance of disadvantages and how quickly does its team respond. Projects such as On-Life allow tourists to get income and travel constantly without getting attached to anything. In the next few years, the world of tourism will change dramatically — new players will come, and veterans will either have to change or leave the market.

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