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Businessman connected with Yobit arrested in Moscow

The alleged leader of the cryptocurrency exchange called Yobit or at least someone who had a big share in it has been arrested in Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow. He is reportedly accused of establishing fraud financial schemes. His name is Pavel Krymov.

Lenta.ru, currently the pro-government media outlet from Russia, is already heavily implying that Mr. Krymov was indeed involved in the fraud schemes. The journalists back their position by the source in the Russian law enforcement who, in turn, told about the governmental agencies of Kazakhstan requesting to apprehend Krymov from their Russian counterparts.

His detention is connected with the firm called Questra World, while for crypto investors he is mainly known as the one connected with the cryptocurrency exchange called Yobit. This exchange was once seen trading Waves tokens which in reality it did not have at all.

Sadly, there are very few direct proofs of his ownership of this exchange, only amateur investigations made by those who already suffered from the schemes of Mr. Krymov. As the victims’ site notes, Yobit was actively promoted on his forum and he also created a WRC token which for some reason has never appeared in the listings of any respectable coin exchange.

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