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Zilliqa Team Solves Memory Issue Caused By Large Smart Contracts

Anna Martynova

On July 14, Zilliqa's mainnet underwent an urgent update to address an issue that was causing mining nodes to run out of memory when processing large smart contracts. When the problem was discovered, the Zilliqa main and test networks went offline.

The co-founder and senior vice president of security and platform engineering at Zilliqa, Jun Hao Tan, explained that the problem is a result "of memory fragmentation, which in turn is unable to return memory to the kernel." The project team resolved the issue by releasing Zilliqa Mainnet v8.0.5. Zilliqa's main and test networks are now working smoothly.

The Zilliqa team also posted a note on Reddit explaining to the community that the network has been unstable in some cases since the last major network update to version 8.0, which took place in May this year. The note on Reddit highlights that Zilliqa is implementing cutting-edge technology. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to spot major bugs during the testing phase.

Image: 2Bitcoins

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