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Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 29 — November, 2)

Welcome to our regular chart of the most popular stories! This week’s edition has a strong British influence, as the posts about the UK and its once-colony India seemed to grab your attention a lot, which resulted in the largest numbers of views they got. Is it just a coincidence or Great Britain has a greater impact on crypto market than it was considered? Let’s refresh our memories on these stories once again.

#3 - BREXIT-effect: how the idea of sustainability is departing to the digital reality

A number of experts in the article that closes this week’s top three, has noted an interesting thing. There is an unusual connection between the price of Bitcoin (as well as the other cryptocurrencies) and all the hype about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. But that’s just an example on what influence on cryptosphere can “social pumping” have. Other countries face and resist the so-called “Brexit-effect” too. So what steps do they make? Learn more about the phenomenon in the article by Oleg Koldayev.

#2 - Great Britain: why the national digital currency was cancelled or back-to-back sabotage of power and business

The Royal Mint Gold project is now officially frozen. That’s it. The market conditions are unsuitable, London says. But does it mean that the idea of British national cryptocurrency is buried forever? Bitnewstoday spoke to a couple of well-respected crypto-enthusiasts to find out their opinion. This second UK-related story with 4200+ views is also at the second place in Trending Trinity this week.

#1 - Indian Blockchain District Purpose And The Real Reasons For Alliance With China

The news about the upcoming launch of digital hub in Hyderabad has stirred up the Asian media recently. And though India has always been considered as the forefront of high technologies, for some reason this project raised some great expectations everywhere. Even the possible partnership between China and India in the digital field doesn’t look like something impossible anymore in expert’s eyes. Daria Piotrovskaya spoke to Indian blockchain authorities and enthusiasts to learn what really do Elephant and Dragon have in common.

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