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Trending Trinity Weekly (November, 11-16)

Your favorites this week were quite diverse. Saying this, we not only praise your broad outlook, but also amaze at the variety of blockchain and its ever deeper introduction into our life and economy. Let’s start and recall the most interesting posts of the week.

#3 - Singapore vs Malta: Battle for The Crypto Market Dominance

Bitnewstoday keeps telling about the most blockchain-friendly countries. This time Daniil Danchenko presented us with another cryptoasis on the world map - Singapore. This asian city-state is now often compared to Malta, another crypto bay that has a huge influence on the market, mostly European. However, Singapore’s has its own unique features. The guide also reveals the historical and economic aspects of digital economy development in this country.

#2 - Blockchain Is a New Playground For The Sports Industry. But No Teams Here Yet

The current business models for sports are way too outdated, the experts say. This leads to falling attendance, viewership, low audience involvement and interest. Many believe that it is blockchain that can breathe new life into this industry. Denis Goncharenko collected opinions of several specialists to give a vision on how the new technology implementation can help not only professional sportsmen, but also college teams and athletes. Great read obviously and more than 4400 views this week. Thanks for your involvement!

# 1 - No ICO Needed: Real Business Starts To Launch Blockchain Startups

Last week our team has landed in St.Petersburg, Russia to participate in one of the largest European events - Blockchain Life 2018. During the conference we managed to talk to some of the well-respected market participants and discuss why has the popularity of ICO decreased in these latter days. This article by Anastasia Ermolaeva finally got its deserved attention during the last 5 days, which resulted in almost 5100 views in total. Don’t miss this one, some interesting thoughts inside!

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