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The Number of Smart Contracts on the Cardano Blockchain Has Exceeded 2200

Anna Martynova

The Cardano blockchain successfully integrated smart contracts into the mainnet on September 12th using the Alonzo hardfork. The key update marks a major milestone as the NFT and DeFi market picks up steam and hits new highs. The smart contract functionality will enable Cardano to support Dapps, DeFi and NFT protocols that are managed by smart contracts.

Four days after the update, the number of Cardano blockchain smart contracts has surpassed 2,200. The Vicel app shows the current number at 2,271. Thanks to a new architecture with an emphasis on scalability and security, the blockchain is experiencing a big surge in development activity.

Charles HOSKINSON, founder of Cardano, believes blockchain is well suited for the second wave of DeFi as regulatory control over the DeFi market has increased. During a recent interview Hoskinson noted that the upcoming wave of repression will be very similar to the repression of the ICO era in 2017. He said the DeFi market is ready for grabs and only those DeFi protocols that have liquidity and interoperability features will lead the second wave of DeFi. At the time of writing, ADA is trading at $2.36.

Image: NewsBTC

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