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The Number If Nodes In The Bitcoin Lightning Network Grew By 23% In 3 Months

Anna Martynova

According to Bitcoin Visuals, from September 3 to December 3, the number of nodes in the network with active channels increased by 23.13%, adding 3,534 nodes. Over the past three months, the first cryptocurrency has hit a record price of over $67,000, coupled with high volatility. The growth in the number of nodes indicates the need to address the problem of bitcoin scalability.

The addition of more nodes reflects the popularity of the Lightning Network, which skyrocketed in 2021. The dramatic increase in the number of nodes in the network allows for increased throughput for more transactions. The addition of nodes indicates a better outlook for bitcoin, as the more the network's throughput increases, the more it can scale transactions and expand its use in areas such as payments.

Different teams develop different Lightning implementations. The goal is to make the network more stable, secure, efficient, private and easier to use. Therefore, the increase in the number of nodes possibly indicates that this goal is on the way to being achieved.

Image: Medium

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