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Switcheo Labs Prepares to Launch Marketplace for NFT on Zilliqa

Anna Martynova

Switcheo Labs, the organization behind Switcheo Network, plans to launch a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT) on Zilliqa. The company announced this on its blog on September 4th. The marketplace aims to meet the needs of NFT enthusiasts, collectors and artists in the Zilliqa ecosystem. The platform will be launched on ZilSwap, a decentralized on-chain exchange powered by Zilliqa.

According to the blog post, Zilliqa is trying to participate in the booming NFT market. However, compared to Ethereum, which currently dominates the industry, its ecosystem is still in its infancy. To this end, Switcheo Labs has decided to launch the marketplace for NFT on Zilliqa to accelerate the growth of NFTs in its ecosystem.

Switcheo Labs hopes this deployment will benefit both Zilliqa and the NFT industry and noted that ZilSwap currently serves the majority of DEX users in the Zilliqa community. The move will also strengthen ZilSwap's position as the leading platform on Zilliqa.

Image: Robb Report Vietnam

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