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Steemit Introduces New Features to Finance Platform Proposals

The Steemit project, which uses the blockchain-based Steem rewards platform for publishers, has announced innovations for the community: users can now vote for their favorite Steem proposals without leaving Steemitwallet.com.

On September 10, it was announced that the user interface for Steem.DAO was launched. According to reports, extensive testing has been conducted in the Steemit development environment to ensure that the user interface is working properly. The Steemit team commented:

“It’s important to remember what a big deal the Steem.DAO is. While the hardforks that added the Steem.DAO to the blockchain were difficult, the Steem.DAO itself has been functioning very well since the moment it was added. Many proposals have already been submitted and two great proposals are already being funded. That’s why it’s so important to head on over to a user interface for the Steem.DAO and cast your votes for the proposals you believe deserve funding.”

27-08-2018 15:47:00  |   Technology
Also, the Steemit team noted that the new Steem.DAO user interface is simply a minimum viable product (MVP) that they intend to improve over time.

Image courtesy of Steem.DAO

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