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Reebok Enters The NFT Market With Limited Edition Footwear

Anna Martynova

On April 26, American sportswear, footwear and accessories company Reebok tweeted that it is releasing 200 NFTs based on its limited edition footwear. NFT X NST2 Limited Edition collectibles available on the Wax Atomic Hub.

Some of the NFTs sell for between $500 and $2,000, and some costs as high as $20,000. How long these NFTs will last is unclear as they tend to sell out quickly. The reaction from the crypto community has been mostly positive.

The original use cases for NFT were in art, real estate, and games. NFT is now finding its way into fashion and luxury brands. For example, Gucci started working on its own NFTs, selling virtual sneakers as an asset.

Image: Creative Bloq

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