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NFT Studios to Create First NFT-Funded Hollywood Film

Anna Martynova

NFT Studios will spend NFT on the comedy-drama Wing and Prayer, based on the true story of Brian MILTON, the first person to circumnavigate the world in an ultralight aircraft. The project is being implemented by NFT Investments PLC, which raised $1 mln to fund the film.

Niels JUUL, who founded production company NFT Studios to fund a number of films, hopes to raise $8 mln to $10 mln by selling 10,000 NFTs to the public and institutional investors. The investors were told that they would receive a share of the box office and licensing rights, as well as have the opportunity to visit filming locations, meet with the actors and attend the premiere.

NFT Studios announced on its website that it will develop and produce up to six films a year, half of which are already in the final stages of development. NFT Studios has said it will fund its own content portfolio.

Image: Horizont

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