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New Tezos Partnerships

Anna Martynova

In France, it is now possible to buy Tezos at 10,000 convenience stores, tobacco shops and gas stations. To buy Tezos, the French can use prepaid coupons or cards. Tezos integration is the result of a partnership between Digycode and a team of researchers and developers from Nomadic Labs. Digycode co-founder Christopher VILLEGAS has characterized Tezos as one of the most advantageous crypto projects.

16-04-2020 12:44:52  |   Investments
The largest private investment bank in Latin America, Banco BTG Pactual is also sure that Tezos is advantageous enough. The partnership between the bank and Tezos was announced back in July 2019. Now the bank is moving part of the real estate security tokens to the Tezos blockchain. Earlier, the bank issued ReitBZ tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, raising $10 mln in ETH and GUSD.

In the future, the bank will possibly use both blockchains for STOs. At this stage, according to the head of digital assets at BTG Pactual, Andre PORTILHO, it is necessary to test the Tezos blockchain and find out whether the bank will be able to use Tezos technology for more complex security token offerings. Portilho has also added that the decision to use one more blockchain is caused with the difficulty of forecasting — the characteristics of which blockchain will turn out to be better in the future.

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